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三ツ山 一志Kazushi Mitsuyama

三ツ山一志《Hide and seek-踊るひと》2020年、50×20×20 cm (HWD)、木

Kazushi Mitsuyama Hide and seek - Dancing woman 2020, 50×20×20 cm (HWD), wood




Born in Kanagawa, 1953. Graduated in Fine Art from Tokai University in 1976. After working as Deputy Director of the Yokohama Museum of Art, Director of Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Director of Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, he retired in 2019. Participating in Koganecho AIR since 2019. In addition to creating sculptures, he has made it his life work to research how sculpting can aid children’s physical and mental development. In 2019 he founded an “Art Lab for Child Development”, providing activities for children in hospital.




Residence Period|2019 ~

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