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2023年度募集スケジュール Schedule

The next round of applications is scheduled after middle of February 2024.

スタジオ見学 Visiting the Studios

Studio tours are not currently available. They will be open before the next open call. A further announcement will be made as soon as the date is confirmed.

申請フォーム Application




If you would like to apply for the Koganecho AIR programme, please use the form below. After sending your application, the person in charge will contact you regarding the application decision schedule.

*You may get an error after clicking the confirmation button. If you get an error message, please fill in the application details in the body of the email, attach the PDF file, and email it to us.

Destination | air@koganecho.net


※応募締め切り後、「 air@koganecho.net 」よりご連絡さしあげます。受信に制限を設けている場合、あらかじめ受信許可設定を行ってください。 ※担当者からの連絡が届かない場合は、「 air@koganecho.net 」に改めてメールいただくか、「045-261-5467」までお電話ください。 ※申込時に頂いた個人情報は本AIR事業の審査のために利用いたします。尚、不採用者の応募書類は審査終了後、当事務局で責任をもって破棄致します。

When the screen changes after clicking “Confirm”, please scroll until the “Send” button appears.

*We will contact you from “air@koganecho.net” after the application deadline. Please set permission to receive “@koganecho.net”. **If you do not receive a message from the person in charge, please send another email to “air@koganecho.net”. ***We will use the information you provide at the time of application for AIR screening. KAMC will responsibly destroy the application documents of unsuccessful applicants after the screening is completed.