Art Project

Artists from the Asian region participate in the two-month artist-in-residence program. They create and present new artworks based on their encounters with the history, culture and people of the town. While guest artists from Japan and abroad present new works made through their two-month long residency, Koganecho-based artists showcase their works in window spaces or in a corner of their studios as well as organize events. Enjoy different encounters with artworks while walking around town.
Also, local residents and business owners exhibit artworks in their houses and offices that are created by artists based in Koganecho. Living with artworks for one month, this program entitled “Bazaar Collectors” presents works in private spaces, exploring the possibilities of situating artworks in town.

Machi Project

“Adding to the Town” presents architectural renovation works, which turn former brothels into everyday space for artists and creators. Opening the Town provides a platform for the local community and artists to work together to rediscover the history and charms of the town. Centered around these 2 keywords, the Koganecho Bazaar explores possibilities of community development.

We are currently accepting proposals for architectural renovations until July 22 (Fri.). The selected proposals will be announced in August.

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