An exhibition program will be held in the fall of 2023 in which a total of 21 individuals and groups of artists active in six cities in East Asia and Southeast Asia, the Tohoku region of Japan, and Koganecho in Yokohama will participate. The starting point of this program was thinking about being active in local cities (local areas) and the challenges common to communities. As a uniquely multinational town, Koganecho will play a role as a hub connecting multiple cities and nationalities, contributing to the creation of new networks, and offering a new direction for cultural exchange in the future. We believe that these will become important issues when thinking about the future of Yokohama and the future of Japan.

Koganecho International Artist's Network 2023

Nobody knows their story

What image comes to mind when you hear the word “artist”?
A fine artist? Painter? Perhaps a singer or actor?
When I stop and think about it, I realize that it is very difficult to properly explain what kind of person an "artist" refers to.
This is because our preconceived image of an “artist” is limited, stereotypical, or way off target.
This project brings together artists from Asia, the Tohoku region, and Yokohama in an attempt to reconsider the question, “What kind of existence is an artist anyway?” through an exhibition program in Koganecho.
“Nobody knows their story.”
In reality, we may not yet know a single thing about their existence.

Nozomu Ogawa



Participating artists

East Asia・Southeast Asia


Koganecho AIR



Sports, Culture and Dynamic City Development Bureau, City of Yokohama
Nominal Support
Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama Arts Foundation
Yokohama City University
Keikyu Corporation
the Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup Initiative Committees
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department
Kanagawa Prefecture Isezaki Police Station
Yokohama Naka Hojinkai Hinodecho Neighborhood Association
Hatsunecho Koganecho Neighborhood Association
Akamoncho Hanabusacho Neighborhood Association
Hatsukoi Shop Association
Hinodecho Ekimae Shop Association
A4 Residency Art Center
Space Ppong
Hsinchu City Cultural Foundation
Hsinchu City Art Site of Railway Warehouse
Emerging Islands
Cinema Jack & Betty
The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Fiscal Year 2023
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