Ralph C. Lumbres & Ness Roque of Salikhian Kolektib and Steve Frost of Tasai

[KoganechoAIR, Philippines & KoganechoAIR, Canada]

KocoGarden, 2023

Ralph C. Lumbres

Born in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines in 1990. Ralph C. Lumbres is an interdisciplinary artist with works transecting various disciplines–visual arts, design, performance, education, and community-engaged projects. He is the founder and co-managing member of Salikhain Kolektib.


Steve Frost

For over 30 years Steve Frost has been a practicing artist involved with grassroots arts organizing in Vancouver. A BFA studio major from The University of British Columbia with a focus on painting and printmaking has launched a decades long exploration of multi-disciplinary artistic expression. He is the founder and Executive Director of The Tasai Foundation, a Vancouver based collective of creatives for the common good.


Ness Roque

Born in 1991, Angeles City, Philippines. An actor and dramaturg. Her practice is anchored by inquiries into transdisciplinary, feminist, and decolonial practices in theater, contemporary performance, and education. Ness is taking further studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts -Graduate School of Global Arts. She is part of Salikhain Kolektib.