Koganecho International Artist’s Network 2023
Nobody knows their story
DatesSeptember 29th(Fri)-October 29th(sun), 2023
Open hours11:00 –19:00
VenuesStudios and galleries under the railways, and other indoor and outdoor spaces around the Koganecho area.
ClosedOctober 2nd(Mon) 10th(Tue) 16th (Mon) 23rd (Mon)
Admission1,000yen (valid for the entire exhibition period.)
OrganizerKoganecho Area Management Center
Co-organizerSports, Culture and Dynamic City Development Bureau, City of Yokohama
Nominal SupportKanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama Arts Foundation, Yokohama City University
SponsorsKeikyu Corporation
Co-operationthe Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup Initiative Committee, Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department, Kanagawa Prefecture Isezaki Police Station, Yokohama Naka Hojinkai, Hinodecho Neighborhood Association, Hatsunecho Koganecho Neighborhood Association, Akamoncho Hanabusacho Neighborhood Association, Hatsukoi Shop Association, Hinodecho Ekimae Shop Association, A4 Residency Art Center, Space Ppong, Hsinchu City Cultural Foundation, Hsinchu City Art Site of Railway Warehouse, Emerging Islands, CHAN + HORI CONTEMPORARY, Indeks
The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Fiscal Year 2023