Akiko Terunuma

[KoganechoAIR, Japan]

Breathing, 2000
Photo by Tadahisa sakurai

Born in 1958, Akiko Terunuma began exhibiting abstract sculptures in 1982, before graduating from Joshibi University of Art and Design in 1984. In 1988, she became a domestic trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ artist dispatch program and received the Niki Exhibition Encouragement Award for her work Hato. In 1996, she received the Selected New Face Award First Prize in the Spring Niki Exhibition with Rasen, and the Yasuda Kasai Fine Art Foundation Encouragement Award in the 50th Niki Exhibition with Tsui – Red and Black. In 2019, the Chabu Dive Project, a joint initiative with three other artists, received the Masato Nakamura Jury’s Special Award and the Audience Award Gold Prize of the Command N project commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Agency. Based in Yokohama, Terunuma is currently working as an artist for nursery schools, kindergartens, and welfare facilities as well as a professor at Kanto Gakuin University College of Education.

晃子てるぬま Akiko Terunuma