【Finish】”Divine Pursuit” Performance by Sarah Lin (Ninjawhee)

2023/10/29(Sun) 14:00~

Performance, Pilgrimage Milk, 2022, 5 hrs
@singaporewander , Robert L. 

Singapore artist Sarah Lin (Ninjawhee) will be holding a performance in collaboration with fellow KIAN2023 artist Wu Jia Jiun.

“Divine Pursuit” is a performance that delves into the concept of the pursuit of the divine. In this performance, the artist embarks on a journey referencing the labor and cyclical nature of time, the endeavors of Sisyphus, and the encapsulation of the feminine body.  The performance explores the intimate connection between art and spirituality, a sensory exploration of creation, memory, and the pursuit of the divine within the earthly realm.

Contents|Live performance by artist Sarah Lin (Ninjawhee) with accompanying sound programmed by Taiwanese sound artist Wu Jia Jiun. In the same vein as her previous performances in Singapore, “Divine Pursuit” will test the artist’s physical endurance.

Day & Time|October 29 (Sun), 14:00-
Venue|Studio Site-D Community Space Beneath the Railways
Capacity | 30 people

*This event will be approximately 1 hour.
*KIAN2023 ticket (1,000 yen) must be presented.
*There is no advance reservation, but viewers may be restricted during busy times.

*Please note that this information differs from the one on the flyer (cancelled on the 28th’ event).

Sarah Lin (Ninjawhee)

サラ・リン Sarah Lin (Ninjawhee)

Wu Jia Jiun

吳嘉峻(ウ・ジャジュン) Wu Jia Jiun