【Finish】Tamotamo Club’s “Play Fortune Telling” and “Play Consultation Center”

2023/10/22(Sun) 13:30~17:30

Takushi Yasumura, a participating artist in KIAN2023, is based in Akita Prefecture, Tohoku, Japan, where he creates toy works. As part of the exhibition, he will be holding an event to play with toys as part of the unit “Tamotamo Club,” which he formed with Momoko Hibino.

Tamotamo Club’s “Play Fortune Telling” and “Play Consultation Center”

An event by the artists’ unit “Tamotamo Club”, which focuses on the idea of “play”.
In “Play Fortune Telling,” children will play with Yasumura’s toy works such as koma (a Japanese spinning top) and sanshoku hebi (three-colored snakes). It is not actual fortune-telling, it is just a game.
In “Play Consultation Center,” participants will ask for advice from the two artists, and they will think about ways to play together and find a game that will suit their lives comfortably.
Participants can choose whichever play event they prefer. Both sessions will last about 15 minutes each.

Date|October 22 (Sun) 13:30-17:30
Venue|Yamamoto Apartment

*One or two people at a time, about 15 minutes each time.
*KIAN2023 ticket (1,000 yen) must be presented.
*No advance reservations required.
*No age limit.

*Please note that The time differs from the information on the flyer.

Takuji Yasumura

安村卓士 Takuji Yasumura