【Finish】Workshop by Akiko Terunuma “Koganecho Children’s Animal Park ~Decorate Koganecho by drawing your favorite animals!~”

2023/10/7(Sat) 13:00~15:00 14(Sat),28(Sat) 13:00~15:30

Beetles, stag beetles, butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillars, pill bugs, ants, cats, rabbits, giraffes, elephants, bears, ants, monkeys, chicks…
Participants can freely draw their favorite animals from a variety of shapes and transform them with sign pens and paints.
Everyone’s animal creations will be displayed at the exhibition “Koganecho International Artists Network 2023”.

Date|October 7 (Sat.) 13:00-15:00 October 14 (Sat.) and 28 (Sat.), 13:00-15:30


Target|Infants and elementary school students


What to wear and bring|Clothing that can be colorfully dyed with paint and towels for hand washing

*No registration required.

Akiko Terunuma

晃子てるぬま Akiko Terunuma