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2021/09/27(月)イベント「DIGITAL//REALITY」の事前予約についてDIGITAL//REALITY|About Reservations


All events in this program require a reservation.
Please select the event below and fill out a reservation form.

▶︎開催概要、クラウドファンディング Outline, Crowdfunding Campaign

▶︎ニューヨーク舞踏インスティチュート「Women Defining Butoh」特別上映
 New York Butoh Institute “Women Defining Butoh” (film screenings)

 「REALITY program」 Mitsuyo Uesugi: Melancholia—A Portrait of M (performance)

▶︎「REALITYプログラム」『い・の・ち・の・わ ~宇を羽織って宙に舞う~』公演
 「REALITY program」 CIRCLE OF LIFE ~Dancing in the Sky~ (performance)

 「DIGITAL program」 Kazuo Ohno: A Portrait of Mr. O (film screening)

 「REALITY program」 “Catch Your Particles” workshop with Makiko Takamatsu

*The system has been changed. If we reach maximum capacity, you will no longer be able to make a reservation.