Chapter 1: Artists Connected to Koganecho

Some people in Koganecho worked as painters or artists before the Koganecho Area Management Center began its work. We will introduce the work of some of those artists.

Shunsei Obata
Yasutoshi Taniguchi
gansomaeda (Go Watanabe + Gaku Tsutaja)

*Candy Factory will not be participating due to various reasons.

Chapter 2: Koganecho Today

The presence of the AIR artists of the Koganecho Area Management Center have changed the way the town of Koganecho looks significantly. This shows just how much artists can shape a community. 

Mitsuo Okada
Kentaro Taki
Cheng Jen Pei
Daisuke Terashima
Yoshiya Hirayama
Steve Frost
Ma Yanhong
Yuri Miauchi
Mio Mino
Keiso Yo

Chapter 3: Kusamakura Project III: Traveling Thoughts

Since 2021, we have been working on two new projects. This work is to widen the scope of Koganecho’s activities and redefine the town as a place with various functions and resources of untapped potential, then gather local artists we have not connected with previously and create a new network. By including artists from Yokohama this time, we will attempt to create a model for our further activities what will go on.

*The following artists will begin presenting their works in the late March.
shishi-no-haburashi : 3/30 Public performance, 4/1- Exhibition starts
Lintalow Hachiguchi : 3/31 Opens to the public, 4/1- Exhibition starts
Risa Sato : 3/31 – Exhibition starts
Jun Honma :  3/31 – Exhibition starts

[Tohoku] Shuji Inoue
[Tohoku] shishi-no-haburashi (Yukimasa Inamura, Tetsuro Funayama, Yui Kudo)
[Kyushu] Akiho Tazunoki
[Kyushu] Shusuke Nishimatsu
[Kyushu] Lintalow Hashiguchi
[Yokohama] Risa Sato
[Yokohama] Jun Homma

Chapter 4: Exchange with Asia

Artists from Asia will be joining us from the middle of the exhibition period. We are also planning support programs to dispatch artists from Koganecho to institutions cooperating with us in China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. 

*All artists except Chris Chong Chang Fui will begin public production in early April, and the exhibition will start in late April.

[China] Pu Yun
[South Korea] Moon Changhwan
[Taiwan] Wu Pu Wei
[Vietnam] Thuy Anh Dang
[Malaysia] Chris Chong Chan Fui
[Indonesia] Nidiya Kusmaya

Chapter 5: Ongoing Artists Return

Many artists involved with Art Center Ongoing had been participating in the Koganecho Bazaar from around the time the Bazaar began. Having built their careers, these artists are now returning to Koganecho. 

Marico Aoki
Maiko Jinushi
Yusuke Shibata
Atsushi Yamamoto

Chapter 6: Taisuke Abe “Forest of Kogane” + Shop

Taisuke Abe participated in the Yokohama Triennale in 2005 and 2011. He has also participated multiple times in the Koganecho bazaar since 2008. Utilizing a large space, the artist will stay there every day during the exhibition period and create works for the public. The works created there will be exhibited and sold. Additionally, KAMC will open a special shop for artists goods of Koganecho AIR etc., art books on a separate floor.

Taisuke Abe

Chapter 7: Telling the Story of the Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup Initiative Committee

This is a documentary corner set up to tell future generations about the work of the Committee.

Support: Maki Takemoto, Naoki Yoshimoto

Maki Takemoto

Chapter 8: History of Yokohama City University Suzuki Laboratory’s Activities in Koganecho

Yokohama City University students have been working to revitalize the Koganecho area since before the Koganecho Area Management Center was established. In the course of their activities, they have implemented various programs closely working together with the local people and their communities.

Yokohama City University Suzuki Laboratory