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2023/06/16(金)【Open call】Researcher in Residence (Koganecho International Artist’s Network 2023)

Koganecho International Artist’s Network 2023
Researcher in Residence
Application Conditions

The Koganecho Area Management Center (KAMC) has been running its Artists-in-Residence (AIR) program for about 14 years since it was established in 2009. Until last year, we had been holding a short-term intensive internship program where participants learn the methods of AIR projects through residency. This year, we will be inviting a researcher to have a short-term stay (about a month and a half) in Koganecho. During their stay, the applicant will engage with Koganecho’s unique residency program and have a lively relationship with artists staying in the same area and with members of the local community, as well as experience how AIR could be in the future. We are looking for a researcher who would like to focus on research on AIR programs, or local areas and communities.

■  Researcher responsibilities

  1. The research for AIR program or communities in Koganecho
  2. Visit external AIR organizations in Japan for research
  3. There will be symposium held during the residency (7 October)

    *A participant is expected to make a presentation on their findings during the exhibition “Koganecho International Artists Network 2023” during 29 September to 29 October.

■ Residency period

A period of time; 28 August – 11 October 2023
*For a minimum of 30 days, and maximum of 45 days.
*Presentation of results in the exhibition and participation in the symposium are mandatory.
*The actual duration of the residency will be decided through discussion after the selection process.

■ Number of internship positions


■ Who we are looking for

(1) An applicant who are not from Japan and have a base overseas and fall under any of the following from (2) to (5)
(2) A curator, artist or researcher with research interests in AIR and community
(3) A staff member from a local government who wants to start an AIR
(4) A student interested in the work of AIR
(5) An individual or representative of a group who wishes to start an AIR abroad, and make a connection with either Koganecho or Japan

*There are no age restrictions.

■ Applicant Requirements

■ Remuneration

*The applicant will arrange and pay for the round-trip airfare, transportation expenses from the airport to Koganecho, insurance costs, and visa application fee on their own, and KAMC will reimburse these costs upon arrival in Japan in Japanese yen (cash).

■ Locations

Work: At the Koganecho Area Management Center (1-4 Koganecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa), and other places in the Yokohama area
Accommodation: A space run by the Koganecho Area Management Center

■ How to apply

Please fill out an application form and apply by email.
he subject line of the email should be “Researcher in Residence 2023 Application”
Submissions to: air@koganecho.net (Subject: “Researcher in Residence 2023″)

Application form: Download(Excel)
Application form: Download(PDF)

*Handling of personal information
Any information provided in your application will only be handled by the NPO Koganecho Area Management Center, and will not be used for anything other than its intended purpose.

■ Deadline

10 July 2023  *Must be submitted by 23:59 Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

■ Selection process and schedule

Applicants who pass the initial screening will be notified by email.
Around 13 July   Notification of initial screening results
19-21 July          Interviews *online interviews
Late-July            Notification of final results

■ Contact

Koganecho Area Management Center
Email: air@koganecho.net
Address: Site-B Beneath the Railway, 1-4 Koganecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa. 231-0054
Website: https://www.koganecho.net