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2023/08/21(月)「黄金町秋のバザール Koganecho International Artist’s Network 2023 誰も知らないアーティスト」開催決定&参加アーティスト発表"Koganecho International Artist's Network 2023: Nobody knows their story" to be Held this Fall, Participating Artists Announced

9月29日(金)より、「黄金町秋のバザール Koganecho International Artist's Network 2023 誰も知らないアーティスト」を開催します。

"Koganecho International Artist's Network 2023: Nobody knows their story" will be held from September 29 (Fri.).
Last year, invited artists from East and Southeast Asia stayed in the Koganecho area to exchange ideas with fellow participating artists and interact with members of the Koganecho community through various activities, and the results were presented at the exhibition "Return of Exchange".
 This year's exhibition is larger in scale than last year's, and is premised on the two concepts of "Artist's Network" and "Nobody knows their stories." A total of 22 individuals and groups of artists active in six cities in East and Southeast Asia, the Tohoku region of Japan, and Koganecho in Yokohama will participate and exhibit their works.


Koganecho International Artist’s Network 2023


Koganecho International Artist’s Network 2023
Nobody knows their story
Dates|September 29th(Fri)-October 29th(sun), 2023
Open hours|11:00 –19:00
Venues|Studios and galleries under the railways, and other indoor and outdoor spaces around the Koganecho area.
Closed|October 2nd(Mon) 10th(Tue) 16th (Mon) 23rd (Mon)
Admission fees|¥1,000
*Valid during entire exhibition period
*Admission is free for high school students, junior high school students, children and persons with disabilities and their caretakers.
*A ticket includes the coupon services to use a shop in the town!

参加アーティスト Artists

于名晶(ユ・ミンジン) Yu Ming Jing
[A4 Residency Art Center, 成都, 中国より推薦|Recommended by A4 Residency Art Center, Chengdu, China]

キム・ジヒ Kim Jihee
[Space Ppong, 光州, 韓国より推薦|Recommended by Space Ppong, Gwangju, South Korea]

吳嘉峻(ウ・ジャジュン) Wu Jia Jiun
[Hsinchu City Cultural Foundation, Hsinchu City Art Site of Railway Warehouse, 新竹, 台湾より推薦|Recommended by Hsinchu City Cultural Foundation, Hsinchu City Art Site of Railway Warehouse, Hsinchu, Taiwan]

ジョール・ソンクヤ Joar Songcuya
[Emerging Islands, La Union, フィリピンより推薦|Recommended by Emerging Islands, La Union, Philippines]

サラ・リン Sarah Lin (Ninjawhee)
[CHAN + HORI CONTEMPORARY, シンガポールより推薦|Recommended by CHAN + HORI CONTEMPORARY, Singapore]

レガ・アユンディア・プトゥリ Rega Ayundya Putri
[Indeks, バンドン, インドネシアより推薦|Recommended by Indeks, Bandung, Indonesia]

後藤拓朗 Takuro Goto
[山形生まれ, 在住|Born and based in Yamagata, Japan]

鈴木史 Fumi Suzuki
[宮城生まれ, 神奈川在住|Born in Miyagi, based in Kanagawa, Japan]

松山隼 Jun Matsuyama
[宮城生まれ, 在住 |Born and based in Miyagi, Japan]

安村卓士 Takuji Yasumura
[広島生まれ, 秋田在住|Born in Hiroshima, based in Akita, Japan]

晃子てるぬま Akiko Terunuma
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

金子未弥 Miya Kaneko
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

キム・ガウン Kim Gaeun
[黄金町AIR, 韓国|KoganechoAIR, South Korea]

近あづき Aduki Kon
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

瀧健太郎 Kentaro Taki
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

寺島大介 Daisuke Terashima
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

平山好哉 Yoshiya Hirayama
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

美塩・持田・ジャック Mishio Mochida Jacques
[黄金町AIR, ベルギー|KoganechoAIR, Belgium]

宮内由梨 Yuri Miauchi
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

宮地祥平 Shohei Miyachi
[黄金町AIR|KoganechoAIR, Japan]

レイモンド・ホラチェック Raymond Horacek
[黄金町AIR, アメリカ|KoganechoAIR, USA]

Ralph C. Lumbres of Salikhian Kolektib and Steve Frost of Tasai

[黄金町AIR, フィリピン|KoganechoAIR, Philippines & 黄金町AIR, カナダ|KoganechoAIR, Canada]


A special website with more detailed information will be released soon!

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