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2023/05/02(火)私は動詞であるらしいI seem to be a verb



R. バックミンスター・フラー


私は動詞であるらしい I seem to be a verb
会期 | 2023年5月3日(水)〜6月4日(日)
会場 | 日ノ出湧水 スタジオ
〒231-0066 神奈川県横浜市中区日ノ出町2丁目163-4

小林 誠一

Man is a complex of patterns, or processes. We speak of our circulatory system, our respiratory system,
our digestive system, and so it goes. Man is not weight. He isn’t the vegetables he eats, for example,
because he’ll eat seven tons of vegetables in his life. He is the result of his own pattern integrity.

R. Buckminster Fuller

List of works

I seem to be a verb
DAY | May 3 (Wed) – June 4 (Sun)
VENUE | studio YUSUI
2-163-4, Hinodecho, Yokohama Shi Naka Ku, Kanagawa Ken, 231-0066, Japan

Artist Profile
Seiichi Kobayashi

He is a creative coder, exploring our changing relationship to images. He has been creating abstract two-dimensional images through coding and presented them with various media. His complex use of mediums and strict process of image making investigate how each medium and technology works in our appreciation of images. As a Japanese artist, his aesthetic ideas are highly influenced by the Rinpa school, which is one of traditional schools of Japanese painting. His works revitalise the style and the idea of the traditional painting school with contemporary technologies.

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