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2024/06/25(火)トゥイ・アイン・ダン パフォーマンス・ワークショップ「Bodies of Matter」Performance Workshop "BODIES OF MATTER"

創造的な実践を拡大し、パフォーマンスの媒体としての身体の能力を探求すること、また、ベトナムのパフォーマンス・アートをオープンかつ多面的に日本や海外の方々に紹介することを目的として、6月29日に高架下スタジオSite-D集会場にてワークショップ「BODIES OF MATTER」を開催します。

Performance art expresses itself through the body with diverse improvisation, making it difficult to be constrained by space, time, technical standards, and material conditions. Like a liquid that can flow through rules, biological barriers, or disparities in knowledge and social class, it can expand the horizons of artistic expression.
With the aim of expanding creative practices and exploring the capabilities of the body as a medium for performance, as well as introducing performance art in Vietnam to Japanese and international friends in an open and multidimensional manner, the workshop “BODIES OF MATTER” will be held on June 29 at Site D, Koganecho.
The workshop will include body movement exercises, trust-building activities, and the exploration of personal and group interactions, allowing participants to freely express their identities and personal stories. Inspired by the quote, “When you think of someone, you often associate them with specific objects,” the workshop requires participants to bring an object that holds significant meaning or can represent their story. Through the exercises, we will explore the intimate connection between personal narratives and how an object can hold various meanings, thereby collectively expanding the boundaries of expression through performance art.

「Bodies of Matter」
定員|8名 ※要事前申し込み

Date: 29 June 2024
Time: 14:00 to 17:00
Venue: Site D Beneath the Railways, Koganecho Area Management Center
Participants: 8 participants maximum
How to apply: You can register by purchasing a free ticket on Peatix.(https://thuyanh0629.peatix.com/
Please bring: Objects that hold significant meaning to you, or can represent your life story.
*Pre-registration required.
*English-Japanese interpretation will be provided

ハノイを拠点とするアーティスト、トゥイ・アイン・ダンは、2019年にベトナム美術大学を卒業し、2017年からニャサン・コレクティブとともに活動。人間と自然の接続性、性に対する固定観念、物理的と非物理的な空間の関係を探求。 生物、作家自身の体、個人のアーカイブを素材として制作を行う。2021年にインディペンデント・アーティスト・コレクティブのTe Rẹt を共同設立し、2024年にÁ – An Experimental Art Spaceのキュレーター・ボードメンバーとなる。

Thuy anh Dang
Đặng Thuỳ Anh, a Hanoi based artist, graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Art in 2019 and has been working with Nhà Sàn Collective since 2017. Her work explores the connection between humans and nature, gender stereotypes, and the relationship between physical and non-physical spaces. Anh uses living organisms, her body, and personal archives as materials. In 2021, she co-founded Te Rẹt, an independent artist collective, and in 2024, she became a curator board member at Á – An Experimental Art Space.