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2024/06/13(木)富士杏菜による写真展「Tabu Tatau」Anna Fuji "Tabu Tatau"

This publication is a cultural study essay on the experience of being tattooed as a woman in Tokyo. It is a literary and visual anthropology research. This work was conducted from 2021 to 2022 in a context where gender equality issues are still far from being addressed in Japan, while in the West, there is talk of a fourth wave of feminism. Additionally, Japanese tattooing, or irezumi, is internationally admired for its uniqueness in technique and design. However, in its home country, it remains taboo to this day.
Tattoos are associated with criminality, leading to discrimination against tattooed individuals in many public places and employment opportunities (at least in most positions), regardless of whether they are involved in criminal activities. While some Western researchers have studied this topic, they often overlook the experiences of women. This is a common oversight in history in general, but it is particularly evident in the history of tattooing, where women are often forgotten. 
While Tokyo is known for its youth with extravagant looks, it is very rare to see individuals with tattoos. These different paradoxes sparked my interest in understanding the socio-cultural reasons behind this rejection of tattoos. I wanted to know who these Japanese women with tattoos were, whether they fit the stereotypes or not. Given my mixed heritage, I was able to analyze this cultural phenomenon from both an internal and external perspective, being a tattooed woman myself. This work therefore includes a historical background, followed by a personal narrative intertwined with interviews, and the photographs consist of black and white portraits of Japanese women with tattoos.
The intention is to demystify this taboo, present authentic portraits of tattooed individuals in Japan, and understand the reasons that drove them to get tattooed despite these discriminations. I hope to raise awareness among both Western and Japanese audiences about the reality of who these women are, far from being yakuza companions or involved in delinquency. At the same time, I aim to explain the origins of these beliefs and demonstrate that they are all social constructs.

「Tabu Tatau」は東京で女性としてタトゥーを入れた人たちの経験について、文章と画像を使ってリサーチした著書です。この研究は2021年から2022年にかけて、日本では男女共同参画の問題がまだ解決されていない一方で、欧米ではフェミニズムの第4の波が到来しているという状況の中で行われました。日本の刺青(タトゥーアート)は、その技法とデザインのユニークさで国際的に賞賛されています。しかし、本国では今日に至るまでタブー視されているという現実があります。



「Tabu Tatau ~タトゥを入れる日本女性たち」
日時|6月19日(水) 18 :00~19 :30


Date|6/14(Fri) – 6/26(Wed)
Venue|Hatsune Wing D-3 (1-18-5 Hatsune-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
*Please note that the venue has changed.

◯Talk Event
“Tabu Tatau: Japanese Women with Tattoos”
Date|6/19(Wed) 18:00~19:30
Venue|Yokohama Institut français
*Reservation required, Admission free

富士杏菜 Anna Fuji


Anna Fuji is a French-Japanese artist who grew up between these two countries and has been practicing photography since 11. She combines her writing and research with documentary photography. She is therefore a multidisciplinary artist who continually expands her research horizons and always experiments with new means of expression. Anna participated in several exhibitions in Belgium, as well as in Bulgaria and Japan. She is committed to sharing her joy of seeing and capturing rare moments of beauty with her camera. Authenticity is paramount to her; she speaks of what she knows, what she sees, and what she experiences.