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2024/06/25(火)ニディヤ・クスマヤ「卵の殻を使ったペインティング・ワークショップ」Eggshells Pigment Painting Workshop


Continuing from her Koganecho Bazaar 2024 project, Indonesian artist Nidiya Kusmaya will be holding a workshop exploring the use of alternative material creating pigment from food waste. Inspired by traditional Japanese painting techniques using gofun, the focus will be on white pigment derived from eggshells. This workshop weaves narratives of environmental significance,addressing the repercussions of overproduction and consumption in the food industry. Each repurposed pigment from locally collected waste exemplifies resilience and sustainability, offering a unique blend of art, ecology, and creativity.

会場|山本アパート (横浜市中区初音町2-43)
定員|8名 ※要事前申込

Eggshells Pigment Painting Workshop
Date: 30 June 2024
Time: 15:00-17:30
Venue: Yamamoto Apartment, 2-43, Hatsunecho, Naka Ward, Yokohama
Participants: Maximum of 8 *Pre-registration required.
How to apply: You can register by purchasing a free ticket on Peatix.(https://nidiya0630.peatix.com/
*English-Japanese interpretation will be provided.


Nidiya Kusmaya
Born in Indonesia in 1991 and currently based in Bandung. Nidiya Kusmaya is an artist focusing on colorant materials and their mesmerizing presence in natural pigment colorants and patterns. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Art and Design, she furthered her studies, combining art and biology to master natural and bio-based materials for her artworks. Kusmaya’s artistic journey explores the profound relationship between colors, nature, and human life, resulting in awe-inspiring works that transcend traditional boundaries and delve into the essence of our existence.