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2023/07/13(木)【広報協力】イ·ヨンピル 個展「彩られたさざれ石」Lee Yongphill solo exhibition “Colored Surface on Pebbles”

Over the years, rough and bumpy rocks are inevitably cut and trimmed repeatedly. Because of that, the neat little pebbles have a lot to say, but they are speechless. Weathered pebbles present idealized, compressed landscapes, allow us to perceive depth, thereby stimulating the physical awakening of space, allowing us to leap imagination into structure. Pebbles allow many artists to be creative and manipulate and control human desires. It’s a work that expresses beauty and calm lyricism through several small pebbles made of ceramics and textures of various colors. Soft and smooth, polished pebbles create another landscape with irregular rainbow colors. Each structure is both familiar and heterogeneous in reminiscent of a compressed landscape. Pebbles appear quietly on the earth. The exhibition space is a quiet garden. It’s called a contemplative space with pebbles for a cup of tea, as if you’re being sucked into the past. With a very simple structure, we have various imaginations. You dream of a small stone space becoming a garden. A space designed for the meaning of sharing, harmony, cooperation, and love emphasizes the importance of communication.


イ·ヨンピル 個展 「彩られたさざれ石」

時間| 11:00〜18:00

※入場料無料, 休場日なし


Lee Yongphill solo exhibition
Colored Surface on Pebbles
Date|21 July 〜 23 July 2023
Opening hours|11:00 〜 18:00
Venue|Kogane mini residency A
Address|2-chōme-8-8 Koganechō, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa

※free admission and open every day

Artist Profile

1968, Sep. born in Seoul, Korea
lives and works in Seoul, Ansung and Chun_an, Korea
Ph.D. of Educational Facility, Korea National University of Education
Master of Fine Arts Degree. Ceramics in Craft Design, Hongik University
Bechelor of Fine Arts Degree. Ceramics, Hongik University

Solo Exhibitions
2023 2,27~3.5 22th Lee Yongphill Solo Exhibition King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok Architecture and Design
in addition to 22 times Solo Exhibition

Group Exhibitions
About 230 times Group Exhibition
Member of Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association ,
Korean ceramic design association, Korea Society of Ceramic Art.

Professor of Dept. Spatial Arts & Design, Namseoul University
Dean of Dept. Spatial Arts & Design, Namseoul University
2014~2019 Director of Art Center Gallery IANG, Seoul, KOREA
2014~2019 Director of Glass Artist Business Project Group Excellence, CK1, Ministry of Education