【Finish】Workshop by Yu Ming Jing “The Sleeping Body”

2023/10/21(Sat) 10:00~12:00

Yu Ming Jing, based in China, has been filming various people sleeping during her residency in Koganecho, and has created video installations for the group exhibition “Koganecho International Artist’s Network 2023: Nobody knows their story.”
The sleeping body leads us to imagine healing, innocence, eroticism, mythology, dreams, religion, and death, among other things.
In this workshop, Yu will introduce the “Sleeping Body” as expressed and represented in the past, throughout art history. She intends to let people think about the power, possibilities of sleeping, and its role through this workshop.


1.Lecture; the “Sleeping Body” in art history
2.Group Performance; experiencing the power of sleeping through action.

Day & Time|October 21 (Sat) 10:00-12:00
Venue|Studio Site-D Community Space Beneath the Railways 
Capacity | 10 people

*This event will be about 2 hours.
*KIAN2023 ticket (1,000 yen) must be presented.
*There is no advance reservation, but viewers may be restricted during busy times.

*Please note that The time and Venue differ from the information on the flyer.

Yu Ming Jing

于名晶(ユ・ミンジン) Yu Ming Jing