TitleKoganecho Bazaar
“Double Façade-Multiple ways to encounter the Other
Dates[vol.1]August 4th (Fri) – September 13th (Wed), 2017
[vol.2]September 15th (Fri) – November 5th (Sun), 2017
VenueStudios, neighborhood shops, outdoor areas, etc. beneath and along Keikyu Railway, from Hinodecho Station to Koganecho Station
Time11:00〜18:30 ※10/27-29、11/2-4は11:00〜20:30 *Open until 20:30 on October 27,28,29, November 2,3,4.
Closed on2nd and 4th Thursday
Admission ・Koganecho Bazaar 2017 Passport(valid during entire event period) High school and above 700yen; Free for junior high school students and below *On-the-day tickets only
・Combination Ticket:Koganecho Bazaar 2017+Yokohama Triennale 2017+BankART Life Ⅴ [Advance]Adults 2,100yen; University and College Students 1,500yen; High School Students 1,100yen
[On the day]Adults 2,400yen; University and College Students 1,800yen; High School Students 1,400yen
* Includes admission to the Koganecho Bazaar 2017 and tie-up programs of Yokohama Triennale 2017 and BankART Life Ⅴ Regular ticket will be available beginning August 4th until November 5th, 2017.
*Advance ticket will be available until August 3rd, 2017.
Organized byNPO Koganecho Area Management Center, Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup Initiative Committee
Co-organized byYokohama City
Patronized byKanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama Arts Foundation
Sponsored by Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd. / Asahi Breweries, Ltd. / Asahi Soft Drinks CO. LTD.
In cooperation withKanagawa Prefectural Police Department / Kanagawa Prefecture Isezaki Police Station / Yokohama Naka Hojinkai / Hinodecho Neighborhood Association / HatsunechoKoganecho Neighborhood Association / Hatsukoi Shop Association / Kogane-X Lab. Executive Committee / Yokohama City University / 98B COLLABoratory / Bamboo Curtain Studio / LUXELAKES・A4 Art Museum / Space Ppong
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Co-organized by NPO Koganecho Area Management Center and the Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup Initiative Committee, Koganecho Bazaar marks its 10th edition this year. In the Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho area, about 260 illegal brothels used to stand, which caused serious degradation of the living environment, which eventually led moving out of local shops and residents to different places.

Since the crackdown launched by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police in 2005, The local communities, police, government, companies and universities have been cooperating together and working toward rebuilding of a safe environment in the area.

And starting with the first Koganecho Bazaar in 2008, the town opened up itself as the place for artists’ daily activities, and it changed into an area, where artists from different cultural backgrounds come together. Artists as new residents join the activities, and various cultures and generations co-exist, which generates energy to create new interpersonal relationships and facilitate new passage of time.

Aiming at the further growth of Koganecho as a “town of art”, by discovering and applying the uniqueness of the place, we will continue our effort in full cooperation with other organizations and artists.

Based on previous experiences, this year’s Koganecho Bazaar is developed through collaborations with people from different professional fields and generations.

Organizational Structure

Director, Koganecho Bazaar 
Shingo Yamano

Shingo Yamano was born in 1950 in Fukuoka and graduated from Etching department of Bigakko art school in 1971. Since 1970’s he begun to work as an artist based in Fukuoka, and produced exhibitions while presided IAF Art Laboratory. He produced “Museum City Tenjin,” an art exhibition held around the city, in 1990 and “Exceptional Passage,” a Chinese Avant-Garde Artists Exhibition, in 1991. After these exhibitions, he has been produced a lot of exhibitions and workshops considering the relationship between Art and the City. Curator of Yokohama Triennial 2005. Director of Koganecho Area Management Center since 2009. He received the Art Encouragement Prizes of the Minister of Education, Science and Culture in 2015 and Yokohama culture prize in 2016.

Guest Curator, Koganecho Bazaar 2017 
Kenji Kubota

Kubota is an independent curator since 2006 after working as a curator in Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo and Contemporary Art Centre, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki. Founded KENJI KUBOTA ART OFFICE in 2008 and joined Creative Reconstruction Project in 2012 as an associate professor in University of Tsukuba until 2016. His curatorial practice focuses on how art could function in systems of society such as politics, economy, education and administrations by using various cultural formats. He curated many exhibitions such as “X-Color / Graffiti in Japan,” Art Tower Mito (2005), “Money Talk,” Hiroshima Contemporary Art Museum (2007-2008), “Twist and Shout,” Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (2009-2010), “Roppongi Crossing 2010, Can there be Art?,” Mori Art Museum (2010), “Red Bull Music Academy: ART Exhibition,” Red Bull Japan (2014) and “Don't Follow the Wind,” inside Fukushima exclusion zone. (2015-).

Assistant Director

Tomoyo Mizuya

Assistant Curator
Akira Aoki, Moena Murata

Yokohama Triennale Tie-Up Program

Koganecho Bazaar 2017 is a Tie-Up Program of Yokohama Triennale 2017. The Yokohama Triennale’s joint ticket will give you a discount on the admission to BankART Life V and Koganecho Bazaar 2017. During the exhibition, a free shuttle service is available between the Yokohama Triennale (Yokohama Museum of Art) and the Koganecho Bazaar 2017 (Koganecho Area Management Center).