Pu Yun

  • 《elevation-1947》(雲南省、2015) ©Pu Yun

  • 《brothers》(広州、2016) ©Pu Yun

  • 《GuangTan teahouse -1》(成都、2015) ©Pu Yun

Pu Yun

Pu Yun was born in 1981 in Yunnan province of china. Currently He lives and works in Chengdu. He graduated from painting major at Southwest Minzu University in 2004 and graduated from majoring in experimental art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. After that he started at contacting and trying different forms of artistic creation, he is obsessed with reading works of anthropology, and try to integrate the way of thinking in anthropology into art. This interdisciplinary way of thinking which let him get a suitable and effective artistic expression, it also provides the society and the individual with more diversified thinking and the possibility of change.