Matsukage Hiroyuki
Bazaar Collectors Auction

  • 《Can't Find My Way Home》©MATSUKAGE, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

  • 《STAR》 (シンガポール、2006) ©MATSUKAGE, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

  • 《ECHO》 (シンガポール、2006) ©MATSUKAGE, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

Bazaar Collectors was a project, which exhibited artworks in private homes and shops in the area during the Koganecho Bazaar 2016. This year, welcoming artist Hiroyuki Matsukage as auctioneer, Moneyless Auction is going to be held with local residents. Works bought through the auction are going to be displayed at home or shop of the successful bettor.

松蔭浩之|Matsukage Hiroyuki

Contemporary artist, and photographer. Born in 1965 in Fukuoka prefecture. He graduated from the department of photography at Osaka University of the Arts in 1988. In 1990, he was selected for the Venice Biennale in 1990 as the artist duo "Complesso Plastico," which made him the youngest artist to be selected for Venice Biennale in the world. Since then, Matsukage has participated in various art festivals in Japan and abroad. Centered around photography, he employs a wide variety of media, including installation, performance, writing, graphic design, and film production. He is a chairman of "Showa 40 Nen Kai", an artist group composed of Makoto Aida, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Oscar Oiwa, Parco Kinoshita, Sumihira Arima. Matsukage is a full-time lecturer at Bigakko.