Kuzoku+Studio Ishi+YCAM

  • 〈YCAM Film Factory vol.2〉空族+スタジオ石+YCAM「潜行一千里」(2016年/YCAM委嘱作品)写真提供:山口情報芸術センター[YCAM]


Group of filmmakers. They began to call themselves "Kuzoku" in 2004, which produces films by a motto of "we make what we want and screen it in a way we want." Breaking the boundaries of common practice, their unique style is characterized by the long span of time spent for production. They forge ahead with their own ways of distributing and advertising, designed specifically for each work, which is never released on DVD. They tackle themes not only limited to Japan, but also about Asia at large.

Studio Ishi

Studio Ishi is the name of a filmmaking team which is one part of the work of hip hop crew stillichimiya. "Ishi" comes from the fact that they are based in an area of Yamanashi Prefecture called Ichinomiyacho, Ishi; and the name "Studio Ishi" (written in katakana) is an expression of admiration for Studio Ghibli, of which the founders, MMM (Mukoyama) and Mr. Maro (Furuya), are ardent fans.