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オンラインセミナープログラム「アジアのアートの転移と再生  ―地域、都市の中のアートとアーティスト」 "The Transfer and Rebirth of Asian Art: Art and Artists in the City and Region" Seminar 2020/11/21(土)〜23(月) 終了



Three online talk sessions looking at the historical significance of three different cases from different regions and times, and considering their impact on the present.

Since the 1990s, art in Asia has been making significant progress, with different regions raising their visibility while taking advantage of their own uniqueness, through artist-in-residencies, international exchanges, a rise in artist collectives, and exhibitions in public spaces. We believe this has been an important time, and would like to hold a meeting to discuss how these events have affected the current situation in Asia. During these talks we will look back at three different cases, which will be recorded with the aim of preserving this information for a future discussion, and to make it public.