Johnagami Lab×伊佐 優花
Johnagami Lab × Yuka Isa


ジョナガミラボ《ヤギドラゴン》2019年、29×42 cm、刺繡、サテン

Johnagami Lab Goat Dragon 2019, 29×42 cm, embroidery, satin

Johnagami Lab


Johnagami Lab
Johnagami Lab is run by a couple whose creative works in art and design are not bound by specific cultures or methods. They have been participating in Koganecho AIR since 2018, and experiment by combining techniques such as illustration, drawing, silk screen and embroidery.



Yuka Isa Innocence 2018, 27×27㎝, ceramic

伊佐 優花

1996年東京生まれ。2019年横浜美術大学美術学部美術学科彫刻コース卒業。小田原を拠点に活動中。作家の平凡な日常を題材としつつも、日常的な知覚を揺るがす奇異な彫刻、絵画を制作。伊佐の作る大きな人物像や頭は、人間の物質感とともにその奇怪な面白さを提示する。主な展示歴は、個展「fill me」(2019年、黄金スタジオHAMABI AIR、横浜)。

Yuka Isa
Born in Tokyo, 1996. Graduated in Painting and Sculpture from Yokohama University of Art and Design. Currently based in Odawara. Taking the mundane life of the artist as her subject, she creates strange paintings and sculptures that change the perspective of everyday life. Isa's large figures and heads present the strangeness and materiality of humanity. Past exhibitions include a solo exhibition fill me (2019, Kogane Studio HAMABI AIR, Yokohama).