The Briefing Session from Naoki Yoshimoto "So Far and Hereafter" 


The briefing session from Naoki Yoshimoto one of the long term residence artists in Koganecho.

He will talk about the artist residence experiences, for his 2nd term, in LUXELAKES・A4 Art Museum in Chengdu, China where he was asked to make a promotional short film for their new exhibition. Also there will be a short "rush sketch" film the composition of non used footages of his previous film "the Mutated Dream" filmed in Chengdu and Chengdu footages in last spring 2017 along with his future filmmaking plan there.

Also there will be a briefing and screenings of Koganecho Bazaar promotional videos which he has been making every year since 2013. He will also give an announcement of his exhibition in this coming December.

The Briefing Session from Naoki Yoshimoto "So Far and Hereafter"
Chengdu Residence Experience, Koganecho Bazaar PVs and My Next Film

Date&Time|October 14th(Sat), 2017, Oct 17:00~
Venue|Site-D Community Space Beneath the Railways (1-2, Koganecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Naoki Yoshimoto
Filmmaker. Born in Tokyo. Koganecho residence artis since 2013. Debuted in Northern America for his meta-silent film "Sanguivorous" with DVD releasing and screening tour in north east USA with live exprimental music. And directing a lot more independent films. In 2015 directing "the Mutated Dream" as being chosen for "the Yokohama and Chengdu artist in residence" artst for 2 month with collaboration and support of A4 Contemporary Art center.