Atsuko Nakamura x Chen,Ting-Chun "Let's talk about Art"


Have you ever think about what art is and why artists make artworks? Art relates to the fundamental aspects of many things in life. This event offers a good opportunity to discover different aspects of art by looking at it, listening to it, sharing ideas about it, or even questioning its existence. Let's talk about art, not only from the perspective of art, but also from the viewpoints of other domains.

In the first part of event, Mr. Kaito and Mr. Nakano will give a lecture, after showing the audiences some artworks from Koganecho. Mr. Akira Kaito is an expert on psychology and art-treatment, will share with us how inner feelings of human beings appear in art forms and the transformation of unconsciousness into expression. Mr. Hitoshi Nakano, who has curated many exhibitions in different countries, will talk about the key role art plays in connecting artists with the society. He will also discuss about why introducing emotion-based artworks is significant to the society. Then, all the participants will carry out discussions based on the three speeches. We very look forward to interesting conversation among guests, the local artists and the audiences.

What is art exactly? Why don't you share your opinion at this exciting, fun event? We are sure it will bring you new ideas in return! (The simultaneous interpretation in Japanese-English is available.)

Date & Time: October 28th(Sat), 2017 13:00-16:00
Venue: Site-D Community Space Beneath the Railways (1-2, Koganecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Admission: Koganecho Bazaar 2017 Passport (700yen)
To participate, booking in advance is necessary.
We accept 20 people maximum. (We accept if there is availability on the day.)
Guest: Kaito Akira (Psychologist) , Nakano Hitoshi (Curator)
Artist: Atsuko Nakamura x Chen, Ting-Chun

Guest Profile:

Kaito Akira
Kaito Akira is a psychologist and professor at Faculty of Education, Kyoto University. He enrolled at the engineering department pursuing science, but turned to the faculty of education because of personal defeat. He met Prof. Hayao Kawai there, and studied decidedly as a teacher of life to be psychologist. He provides many new knowledge and unique perspectives to the practice and research of Supervision and Landscape Montage Technique. He has published book 'Landscape Montage Technique: its foundation and practice' 1994, Sei Shin Shobo and many others.

Nakano Hitoshi

Nakano Hitoshi is a curator, working at Kanagawa Arts Foundation. He has organized projects in a wide range of areas such as Linguistic expression, contemporary music, contemporary art and others. For example, Music poet 'Based on Ikutagawa Story - Noh play "Motomeduka"', Alma Mahler and Viennese artists at the end of the century, The 56th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition 2017 Japan pavilion, Chiharu Shiota 'key of the palm' and many. He completed MA of Aesthetics and Art History, Keio University.

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