Symposium "Where is art heading after going out to a city?"
9/16(Sat), 9/17(Sun),9/18(Mon)


Art platform was expanded into the space of everyday life from the white cube during 1980s and 1990s in Japan. Given various missions, today an increase number of art projects are made specific to a local context and made to engage with communities, which necessitate various forms of operations and partnerships. This symposium looks back at the shift occurred in the art scene during 80s and 90s in Japan, shares current situations and issues, and widens the scope of discussions to study different examples from Asian countries in order to explore the future potential of art practice outside of the white cube.

Symposium"Where is art heading after going out to a city?"
Date|September 16th[Sat]- September 18th[Mon], 2017
Venue|Site-D Community Space Beneath the Railways(1-2, Koganecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Admission: Koganecho Bazaar 2017 ticket(700 yen)


【Program1:Current location of community-engaged art projects in Japan】

The majority of art projects and festivals currently held across Japan are organized through collaborations of governmental agencies and communities. This session tries to map out the issues and perspectives of community-engaged art projects in Japan by looking at some of the current examples.

Date&Time: September 16th [Sat] 15:00-17:00
Speaker: Serizawa Takashi(Director, P3 art and environment)
Fujita Naoya(Critic, Lecturer at Nishogakusha University and Wako University)
Moderator: Kubota Kenji(Independent Curator, Guest Curator Koganecho Bazaar2017)


【Program2:Case reports from Asia: potentials of art outside of the white cube.】

During 1990s, when art was extending its platform to everyday context, Japan also encountered contemporary art from other countries in Asia. Although the cultural background differed in each location, art commonly played an important role in finding solutions to actual issues by engaging with communities in a large context of Asia. This session explores possible forms of collaborations beyond boundaries of countries and localities in this globalized society.

Date&Time: September 17th [Sun] 13:00-18:00
Speaker: Lee Jung Hyun (Director, 653 Art Firm/ Korea)
Roy Voragen (Curator, poet/ Netherland, Indonesia)
Qinyi Lim(Curator, National Gallery of Singapore/ Singapore)
Wu Huichen(Director, ARTFIELD/ Taiwan)
Moderator: Hirano Mayumi(Curator, 98B COLLABoratory)


【Program3:Where is art heading after going out to a city?】

Why is there still an increasing number of attempts made to bring out art into cities today, even though the time has significantly changed since 80s? This session looks back at the initial ideas behind the pioneering examples of art projects held outside the white cube, discusses possible partnerships between local communities and governmental agencies and explore the future perspectives.

Date&Time: September 18th [Sun] 14:00-17:00
Speaker: Kitagawa Fram (Art Director), Yamano Shingo (Director, Koganecho Bazaar)
Moderator: Sawaki Minori (Koganecho Area Management Center)