About the Koganecho Artist In Residence Program

We are offering an Artist in Residence program at the NPO Koganecho Area Management Center for creative individuals working in various fields such as art, craftwork, design and architecture.

Our goal is to revitalize the Koganecho area, which includes the districts of Hatsunecho, Koganecho and Hinodecho. At its peak, there were about 260 illegal businesses alongside the Keikyu railway tracks that engaged in sex trafficking and prostitution. Many merchants and residents that traditionally lived and worked in this area were forced to move out, resulting in the deterioration of living space for those who remained. Since, the residents of Koganecho organized the Association for Hatsunecho, Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup, and together with the government, police and universities, they continue their tenacious effort to revitalize the area. In January 2005, the Kanagawa prefectural police raided and closed down the illegal businesses in the Koganecho area. Our nonprofit organization, the Koganecho Area Management Center, was established in April 2009 to convert and rent out the spaces that were once used for illegal businesses as art studios, shops, cafes and other creative spaces. By bringing artists to live and work in Koganecho, we engage in the revitalization of this area.

Artists in our Artist in Residence program will enjoy living, working and presenting their work at a location very near the center of Yokohama city. They will use one of the many converted studios in the Kogaecho area to engage in their creative projects. Artists are free to network with other artists who work in similar studios located throughout the Koganecho area and get to know the residents who live in the neighborhood. Koganecho provides a stimulating environment for artists to carry out their projects during the residency period.