Koganecho Artist in Residence 2017
One-year Residency Program Application Form

 Application is open for artists to use studios in Koganecho for a year. We are looking for creative individuals working in artistic fields such as craftwork, design, architecture, photography and more.
1.Number of artists and creators
9 creators
  • a) Artist is currently active (※in any genre)
  • b) Artist is self-sufficient in all areas of their work, including everyday life
  • c) Artist is understands the goal of our organization and the purpose of our Artist-in-Residence program
  • d) Artist makes interim presentation** at least once in his/her residency period.
  • e) Artist holds workshop or opens studio to the public at least 3times in his/her residency period during the monthly art event Nokisaki Art Fair held every second Sunday of the month, to interact with local residents
  • f) Artist exhibits the deliverable he or she has worked on during the residency period***, and is responsible for building and breaking down the deliverable during exhibition
  • g) Artist attends meetings held every third Thursday of the month**** during residency period
  • h) Artist is able to pay the monthly studio rent
  • i) Artist is in good health condition
  • J) Artist fulfills the terms of agreement regarding the use of studio
  • k) Artist is able to communicate in either English or Japanese
  • l) Artist should get his/her visa by him/her self
  • **The interim presentation will be held in September 2017
  • ***The exhibition will be held in March 2018
  • ****There's a possibility that date may be changed
  • ※Studios is available for active use, but not for storage
3.Residency Period
July 2017 - March 31st 2018

※Depending on the project proposals, the actual period of residency is flexible

4.How to Apply

Download and fill out the Application Form (forms 1-3) available from our website(http://www.koganecho.net/air/) and apply via email.
※Make sure the Application Form is completed (forms 1-3)

①Application Form(forms1-3)
②Portfolio as a PDF data (Maximum 10 pages)

※Date up to 25MB in capacity may be accepted by E-mail. For application lager than capacity, use a file delivery service or upload the files to your own server and send us a link.
Video works should be uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo or your own server.

5.Submission Deadline ※to be strictly observed
May 31st, 2017
6.Email Address

NPO Koganecho Area Management Center

7.Notification of Results

Results of the application will be notified by email upon review.

  • 【Selection Committee(in syllabify order)】
  • Taro Amano (Chief Curator, Program Directore, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino)
  • Shigekazu Ichinose (NPO Chief Director / Representative, HatsuKoi Shop Association)
  • Fumitoshi Ogushi (NPO Vice Chief Director)
  • Nobuharu Suzuki (NPO Vice Chief Director /Associate Prof., Yokohama City University)
  • Yasutoshi Taniguchi (NPO Vice Chief Director)
  • Shingo Yamano (NPO Office Director / Director, Koganecho Bazaar)

NPO Koganecho Area Management Center